Our Core Values

Our organization is value driven and principle centered, serving our patients, employees, customers and community within the Columbia River Region.

We Value...

  • The individual as a whole human being with unique and diverse interdependent physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs.
  • Professionalism, respect, dignity and confidentiality in all interpersonal relationships.
  • Environments that promote wellness, health and healing.
  • The mind’s influence and its importance on health and healing.
  • The educational process that supports participation in health decisions through access to accurate and understandable information.
  • Integrity, honesty and open communication in all relationships.
  • Employees as partners, decision makers and ambassadors of our mission and values.
  • Innovation by rewarding creative risk-taking in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Leadership that exemplifies and promotes teamwork, flexibility, caring and commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • Efficient use of resources through partnerships and strategic alliances that provide financial strength, high-quality care and services.

Mission Statement

  • To lead and act as a catalyst in promoting health for all people.
  • To recognize the individual as a whole human being with different needs that must be enthusiastically met.
  • To communicate a vision of health, art, education, technology and a center for healing which will continually upgrade the quality of life in the community environment in which we all live.
  • To empower people to become partners in their health care.