We believe... that we are human beings, caring for other human beings

planetree logo By now, we hope you have had an opportunity to learn what the Planetree philosophy is all about; holistic, caring, healing environments, integrated therapies, personalizing and humanizing the experience.

It all sounds pretty good if you’re a patient, right? So where does the employee fit in?

Right at the heart.

The employees of Mid-Columbia Medical Center, regardless of their position, are truly at the heart of our ability to provide this kind of specialized care and we’re proud of every one of them.

Spending that extra two minutes with a patient so they don’t feel rushed; smiling and guiding patients and visitors to their destination; offering a hand when a colleague is swamped this is the expectation that we have for one another.

There are few boundaries when it comes to personalizing, humanizing and demystifying and the result of these actions is simply inspiring.

Our Shades of Planetree employee recognition program has captured hundreds of stories of excellence from within the walls of MCMC. You can read more about our employees in action by seeing what Our Employees Say.

At Planetree
    We believe...

  • That we are human beings, caring for other human beings.
  • We are all caregivers.
  • Care giving is best achieved through kindness and compassion.
  • Safe, accessible, high quality care is fundamental to patient-centered care.
  • In a holistic approach to meeting people's needs of body, mind and spirit.
  • Families, friends and loved ones are vital to the healing process.
  • Access to understandable health information can empower individuals to participate in their health care.
  • The opportunity for individuals to make personal choices related to their care is essential.
  • Physical environments can enhance healing, health and wellbeing.
  • Illness can be a transformational experience for patients, families and caregivers.