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Welcome to MCMC Cardiology. At our clinic, you'll find highly trained cardiologists and health professionals committed to providing compassionate, state-of-the-art cardiac care close to home. You'll also find a warm, welcoming and supportive environment with panoramic views of nature providing both inspiration and a sense of peace.

Responsive and accessible, our friendly care team is ready to provide you with comprehensive heart-related preventive, diagnostic and treatment services.

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Collaboration with OHSU

Mid-Columbia Medical Center and Oregon Health & Science University are collaborating for better heart health.

Our Care Philosophy

We strive to provide extraordinary cardiac care organized around you and your preferences.

We are committed to communicating with you and your family in an open and inclusive way. You'll never feel rushed at our clinic. Our cardiologists, Drs. David Guarraia and Kevin Wei, take the time to explain your heart condition and options, while welcoming and encouraging your input and participation in your care.

We believe that the best patient care is delivered through a team effort. Our providers and entire staff partner with patients and their families to identify a full range of patient needs and desires. Your well-being and highest possible quality of life are our top priorities.


As preventive cardiologists, we aim to prevent a heart event from occurring in the first place (primary prevention) and prevent additional heart disease or an event once a patient has been diagnosed with heart disease (secondary prevention).

By integrating advanced medical expertise with complementary and lifestyle approaches, we work with patients to help them reach their optimal level of heart health. In fact, lifestyle medicine plays a key role in our treatment philosophy. By developing healthy living strategies, our patients can help prevent heart disease from getting worse or prevent it altogether.

For those who have experienced a coronary event, we offer a cardiac rehabilitation program that includes exercise, nutrition planning, education and stress reduction to help patients adopt and maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle.

We're also committed to improving the overall health of our community by offering periodic heart-health talks and advocating for a heart-healthy lifestyle in everything we do.

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MCMC Cardiology
551 Lone Pine Blvd., #303,
The Dalles, Or 97058
Fax: (541) 506-6531

Ph: (541) 506-6530

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