Body Image Program

Michelle Lauterbach

Michelle Lauterbach

The program, says its designer, Celilo’s Michelle Lauterbach, “speaks to who we are as women.” And in the middle of cancer treatment, our program sends a welcome message.

Many women in ongoing treatment for cancer often feel guilty devoting time to their appearance instead of focusing their complete attention on their disease. At Celilo our Reflection’s body image program helps female patients feel better about feeling better about themselves.

While cancer treatment works on the inside of a woman’s body, Reflections is designed to promote healing on the outside. Studies have shown that if a cancer patient feels good about how she looks it can have a positive effect on their treatment outcome.

The core component of Reflections is a complimentary, two-hour “Pamper Me” session, during which cancer patients are treated to a foot bath, a one hour facial, hairstyling, and makeup application, using La Bella Donna products.


For more information, contact Michelle Lauterbach:
Ph: (541) 506-6980