Survivorship Program

"For nearly 10 million Americans now living with a cancer history, life after cancer means finding a new balance - - one that celebrates triumph and relief of completing treatment, recognizes changes or losses the disease has wrought, and assimilates revised perspectives, new found strengths, and lingering uncertainties. Typically, few signposts exist to guide these highly personal journeys into a familiar but forever changed world."

--Living Beyond Cancer: Finding a New Balance
President’s Cancer Panel, 2003-2004

Finding a New Normal...

Three out of four families will have at least one family member who is diagnosed with cancer and is a cancer survivor. A survivor is anyone living with a history of cancer from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life. Healthy survival is not just about surviving; it is also about thriving and living well.

The Celilo survivorship project is about helping patients live well through the physical, emotional and practical challenges of finding a new normal. Other topics include joyful living, meeting the spiritual challenges of post-treatment, coping with fear of recurrence, improving body image and personal confidence, and re-establishing/establishing intimate relationships.

At Celilo, patient navigators, social workers, nurses and other health professionals educate and support survivors with their personal journeys. Cancer survivors have an opportunity to meet individually with a resource guide and/or social worker for an assessment of needs as they transition from active treatment to post-treatment. Survivors are linked with community support services and integrative therapies available at MCMC supporting a healthy lifestyle and cancer risk reduction.

As patients improve their understanding of disease management and follow-up care, it is hoped that remission improvement and cure potential will be advanced. Further, it is hoped that effective guidance and survivor coaching will lead to improved coping and improved quality of life.

For more information, contact or Jessica Vincenzo, LCSW, Celilo social worker, (541) 506-6927.

Contact & More

For more information, contact Jessica Vincenzo, LCSW, Celilo social worker:
Ph: (541) 506-6927

Unique Care

Labyrinth at Celilo Our care coordinator meets with each patient to introduce him or her (and family members) to these tools, which comprise the center's Integrative Therapy Program. The program augments Celilo's traditional clinical services with an array of complementary therapies, some of which include: meditation with harp, guided imagery and journal writing and many more.