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This Aging Body

What is Considered Normal in the Aging Process?

Date: Mar 03, 2015
Location: Water's Edge, 7-8:30pm

Ever wonder what's considered normal in the aging process? How does age affect our heart, joints and muscles, digestive and urinary tracts, and of course, our mind? Are there things we can do to promote health and wellbeing and delay or slow the aging process?

Dorothy Sherwood, MD Geriatrician at River View Clinic discusses what happens to our bodies as we age and what to do to promote healthy minds and bodies and maintain vitality at any age.

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MCMC & the Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) Report

How our infection rates led to inaccurate ratings in a new federal report

We at Mid-Columbia Medical Center take pride in the extraordinary measures we have long had in place to ensure our patients’ safety and in the commendations we have received from outside agencies recognizing our success in this important endeavor. We participate in several quality assurance programs, and our outcomes have always ranked at or higher than the national average among hospitals. 

So it was appalling for us to learn that the unjust and inaccurate measuring method of a recent study conducted by the federal agency that operates Medicare had resulted in MCMC receiving an inadequate ranking in the “2014 Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) Report.” 

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