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Medical Group Attracts Two New Providers

Published on 2/23/2009
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 Two new healthcare professionals have recently been added to the provider group affiliate of Mid-Columbia Medical Center. 
      Margot Bolstad, D.O., is a new physician specializing in occupational medicine at Columbia Hills Family Medicine, and Nicole Pashek, A.N.P. is an adult nurse practitioner who has joined the staff of Internal Medicine Associates.
      Bolstad will specialize in the care of workplace injuries, conduct pre-employment exams and physicals and provide an array of other business-health services.
      As an occupational medicine physician, Bolstad treats all types of on-the-job injuries. She is trained to understand the worker's compensation system and to help patients navigate through the extensive documentation and follow-up that can accompany a workplace injury.
      "We are excited to have Dr. Bolstad join our staff," said Sam Derrick, executive director MCMG, which is the physician and provider group affiliate of Mid-Columbia Medical Center, "There is great demand for these services in our community, and she will be an asset to our occupational health team."
      Bolstad grew up in Bremerton, Wash, began graduate studies in biochemistry at the University of Washington before earning her doctor of osteopathic medicine degree from Kirksville College, Kirksville, Mo. She spent 16 years practicing family medicine and urgent care before becoming chief of occupational medicine for Adventist Health in Portland.
      Bolstad has lived in the Mid-Columbia area for more than 20 years.
      "I love the lifestyle here, and it has been a wonderful place to raise our children," she said. "It was just time to stop commuting and be able to enjoy more of my time right here at home."
      After spending the past eight years specializing in occupational medicine, Bolstad feels she has a good understanding of the worker's compensation system along with the patience to help her patients through that system.
      "It's a specialized system of treatment, follow-up and documentation," Bolstad said. "You need to understand how it works in order to guide patients through and direct them for further care and treatment. My goal is to help these patients feel well again as quickly as possible so they are able to return to work sooner."
      Pashek is a Pennsylvania native who received her nursing degree from Penn State University. She then entered the University of Washington School of Nursing where she earned a master of nursing degree in cardiovascular studies.
      Pashek then completed the UW's adult nurse practitioner program with a focus on geriatrics.
 After completing her studies she joined the Senior Care Clinic, a long-term care collaboration between Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and the University of Washington Medical Center.
      Pashek is no stranger to The Dalles.  As a child, she spent her summers in the community, visiting her grandparents on their property, known to most people in the area as Pashek's Nursery.
      "Some of my fondest memories are from time spent in The Dalles," said Pashek. "I always knew I would live here one day."
      As her two children began to grow up she decided she wanted to get them out of the city and raise them in a smaller community.  She immediately thought of The Dalles.
       Pashek contacted MCMC to see if there were any openings for a nurse practitioner with her geriatric specialty background and was thrilled to find out there was a place for her.
      "I wanted to work in a community where I could really get to know my patients," said Pashek, "It's important to listen, to really hear what they have to say about their health concerns."
      Coming from a large metropolitan area, Pashek appreciates all of the resources available here. She feels she can provide her patients with a lot of information to help them direct their care.
      "After all, they're running the show," she said with a smile.
      Appointments with Nicole Pashek, A.N.P. can be made by calling 541/506-6940.  For an appointment with Margot Bolstad, D.O., call Columbia Hills Family Medicine, 541/296-9151.

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