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MCMC Participates in Cascadia Peril Emergency Preparedness Drill

Published on 4/24/2009
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Beginning Friday, April 24, 2009 MCMC will participate in the statewide drill, Cascadia Peril, coordinated through the Oregon Office of Emergency Management. This drill is designed to test disaster preparedness and the region's readiness to respond to a massive natural disaster.

The Cascadia Peril drill simulates the situation on the day after the Northwest has been rocked by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake followed by a series of aftershocks that will rock the Northwest over a three day period following the massive quake. It assumes that these aftershocks could cause mudslides and bridge destruction throughout the region affecting transportation and communication region-wide.

Mid-Columbia Medical Center along with fellow members of the region 6 Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) and the Wasco County Emergency Management team will be participating over the four day period and testing their coordination and response systems.

"It is through drills such as this that we learn how prepared we are as a team and where the gaps may be," says Karen Williams, Region 6 HPP coordinator. "The more we can learn through a drill, the better prepared we will be if a real disaster strikes."

In the event of a real emergency Mid-Columbia Medical Center would post messages such as this on the website to keep the public informed of the operational status at the hospital and its entities.

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