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Dr. James Stoller Joins Surgical Specialists in The Dalles

Published on 10/26/2008
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Dr. James Stoller in August brought to five the number of surgeons at Mid-Columbia Surgical Specialists, 1810 E 19th Street, The Dalles.

Stoller, a native of Molalla, Ore., completed undergraduate studies in biochemistry and music at the University of Washington, followed by medical studies at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, and a subsequent surgical residency at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

"I'm really looking forward to coming home," he says. "Strangely, Oklahoma is a little too hot, too dry and too flat for me. The Dalles is very appealing. I'm a big skier, and I'll be right close to Mt. Hood, so that will be nice."

He also enjoys hiking, cycling and golf, and playing saxophone in casual musical settings.

After finishing his surgical residency, Stoller realized that he wanted to do full spectrum general surgery.

"I was looking for a small city in Oregon or Washington, near mountains and rivers, when I learned about The Dalles position," he says.

"I met with the guys," he says of partners in the practice -- Dr. Jeffrey Mathisen, Dr. Paul Moon, and Dr. William Hamilton. "I really liked them, and I found a true opportunity to be a general surgeon and use the breadth of my training."

Stoller at first will respond to emergencies on call, and take referrals from other doctors.

For more information call Mid-Columbia Surgical Specialists, 541/296-6101.

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