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Dr. Ann Harris Joins Surgical Specialists in The Dalles

Published on 8/29/2008
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Dr. Ann Harris has accepted a position as one of five general surgeons at Mid-Columbia Surgical Specialists, 1810 E 19th Street, The Dalles. She began seeing patients in August.

Harris earlier this year completed her residency in categorical general surgery at the Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

She got her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Carroll College in Helena, Montana, then moved on to medical school at Creighton. She also completed a one-year residency in family practice at the Creighton Medical Center.

She says she and husband, Jason, wanted to settle in a small community with a rich history and a year-round resident population. The large number of second home owners in Sandpoint dissuaded them from returning to their home town.v "For what we want in life, The Dalles just fits us better," she says.

She appreciates efforts by The Dalles to preserve its historical roots and restore historic features of the downtown. A skier and water sports enthusiast, she also likes the easy access to outdoor recreation in her new home.

Although she will be providing general surgery, she says she enjoys working with patients who are dealing with breast cancer.

"I enjoy the patient-physician relationship that develops with cancer patients," she says. "You're not just a surgeon; you take care of all the aspects of patient care."

She appreciates the opportunity to collaborate on patient care with the skilled medical team at the Celilo Cancer Center of Mid-Columbia Medical Center.

Her husband, a physical therapist, will be working with patients at the hospital. Together, they'll be juggling care of their three children, Katelynn, 7; Emily, 5; and Jacob, 2.

"People can call for an appointment if they have concerns about breast care, or if they have high cancer risk in their family," Harris says. "Of course, we're also happy to hear from people who need other surgery as well."

For more information call Mid-Columbia Surgical Specialists, 541/296-6101.

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