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Dr. James Edwards Begins Medical Practice in The Dalles

Published on 7/28/2008
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Dr. James Edwards, after recently completing his medical residency at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Portland, is taking new patients in The Dalles.

Edwards, an internal medicine specialist began seeing adult patients on Monday, July 28, at his office at 1825 E. 19th St., Suite 3. His office is right next door to the internal medicine office shared by Dr. Daniel Morris and his wife, family nurse practitioner Doreen Morris. Call 541-296-8010 to make an appointment with Dr. Edwards.

Edwards completed undergraduate studies at Illinois State University in 2001, and medical studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine in 2005. For the last three years, he has been a medical resident at St. Vincent's in west Portland.

His wife, Michelle, a physician's assistant, started work earlier this year with Dr. Thomas Hodge in The Dalles.

Shortly afterward, they bought a house in the central part of The Dalles.

"I'm a small-town kind of guy," Edwards says. "I like to know people in the community."

In The Dalles, he said, he and his wife found a tight-knit community where people settle down and stay, where they get to know each other. He likes the downtown, the shopping and dining options. He likes the variety of activities, from the Fort Dalles Days Pro Rodeo to Neon Nights. He likes the way residents "take care of their stuff."

Early on, Edwards thought he might like to work in emergency medicine. He changed his focus to internal medicine when he realized that the E.R. wouldn't let him get to know his patients as well as he can providing care in an office setting.

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