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Mid-Columbia Health Foundation Festival of Trees

Published on 12/5/2006
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The 2006 Festival of Trees raised more than $32,000 to benefit Celilo Cancer Center, Hospice of The Gorge and LifeWorks Comfort Care. Michael Leash of Columbia Gorge Mortgage Group was the highest bidder of the evening, purchasing the 'All I Want For Christmas' tree donated by the LifeWorks team, for $5,500 (a record bid for this event). Leash then donated the tree to HAVEN From Domestic Violence.

    'The sheer beauty of the place is almost enough: heroic mountains, open high desert, homey river valleys... green and brown, blue and gray, sparkling and mysterious. Maybe that beauty alone can explain the draw of the great Oregon country.'
writes author Guy Maynard about Oregon and the great northwest. But, his words might have been a fitting description for this wonderful tradition, the annual Festival of Trees. He continues by writing, "This remarkable landscape is given its soul by the stories that grow from it - stories as rooted in this place as the fir trees...".
    The Festival of Trees has its own stories; stories of those remembered through donated trees, stories of those touched by those lives, and stories of those helped through funds raised from this event. These stories and the beauty found in the 'landscape' of the Civic Auditorium are the draw for the hundreds of guests who experienced the 2006 Festival of Trees.
    For more information on this event or on the organizations benefiting from the generosity of this community, please contact the Mid-Columbia Health Foundation, 541/296-7275.

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