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Dr. Paul Cardosi Appointed to MCMC Board of Directors

Published on 2/20/2007
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      Dr. Paul Cardosi, director of the Center for Sleep Medicine, has been appointed to the Mid-Columbia Medical Center Board of Directors.
      The new director previously served as medical staff president at MCMC, regularly attending board meetings. The directors approved Dr. Cardosi's appointment in January.
      "My mission is to provide input from the view of someone who works with the medical staff and is in a position to communicate with the physicians and provide that perspective to the board," Dr. Cardosi says.
      He is also looking forward to helping shape MCMC's future, particularly in the area of recruiting and retaining doctors.
      "One of the biggest challenges facing the hospital is maintaining a stable base of trained physicians and specialists to ensure adequate access to healthcare for all of the patients who require services," Dr. Cardosi says.
      Among the obstacles are historically lower reimbursements for physicians in rural areas, proposed cuts in Medicare payments, and changing training patterns of physicians. But there are advantages for MCMC, he says, like the quality of life in the region and its people.
      "We live in a beautiful area, and we have a stable population in The Dalles who deserve good health care," he says. "They're warm, friendly, hardworking longtime residents who like their physicians to be longtime as well."
      Dr. Cardosi, 40, is a graduate of Dartmouth Medical Center and was chief resident of internal medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. He is board certified in internal medicine and sleep disorders.
      He and his wife, Dr. Mimi McDonell, have three young children and live in The Dalles. Dr. Cardosi is a youth soccer coach and enjoys bicycling and spending time with his family.

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