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Health Foundation Offers Annual Nursing Scholarships

Published on 3/22/2007
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      THE DALLES, Ore. (March 21, 2007) - Mid-Columbia Health Foundation, an affiliate of Mid-Columbia Medical Center, is ready to award financial assistance to nursing students throughout the Mid-Columbia region.  Applications for nursing scholarships are available now.
The Foundation's nursing scholarships include:
  • Evelyn Kaser Nursing Scholarship: supports the educational interests of individuals, who wish to become registered nurses
  • Hope Ford Nursing Scholarship: provides financial support for those who plan to use their nursing education in the Mid-Columbia region
  • Marty Aalbers Nursing Scholarship: funds trauma and ostomy training for nurses intending to practice these nursing skills in the Mid-Columbia region.
     "We are pleased to be able to help support aspiring nursing students as their career goals complement the tradition of the Foundation, to make a healthy difference in the lives of others," says Celeste Hill-Thomas, Executive Director of the Health Foundation.
     With a shortage of nurses both locally and on a national level, the Mid-Columbia Health Foundation continues to make a difference for those wishing to pursue Nursing as a career choice.
     "By providing these annual scholarships, we hope to encourage aspiring nurses in our community and, at the same time, positively impact the nursing industry," says Hill-Thomas.
     Applications for 2007 nursing scholarships are available now for Mid-Columbia residents interested in a future career in nursing. Please click here (requires Adobe Reader 6.0 or newer) to open an application that can be completed and submitted on line or printed and mailed in. Applications are due by May 31, 2007.
     For questions regarding the scholarship process or to learn how you can partner with the Mid-Columbia Health Foundation to 'make a difference' in the life of a nurse, please contact the Health Foundation office at (541) 296-7275.

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