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Mid-Columbia Medical Group Welcomes New Physician

Published on 7/16/2007
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     Mid-Columbia Medical Group (MCMG), the organization of doctors and providers affiliated with Mid-Columbia Medical Center, has announced the arrival of a new internal medicine physician to the community.
     Maile Anslinger, M.D., opened her new practice the week of July 16 in the MCMG's internal medicine office at 1812 E. 19th St.  She will assume the practice of Jeanette Paysse, M.D.. 
     Dr. Paysse is returning to school to pursue a master's degree in ayurvedic medicine. "I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of such a great group of physicians and caring for my patients," Dr. Paysse said.  "But pursuing this additional training has long been a goal of mine.
     Dr. Paysse praised the new physician who will take over the care of her patients and build her own practice.  "Dr. Anslinger is an outstanding physician and person," she said.
     Dr. Anslinger is the newest in a series of providers MCMG has brought to town to increase access to high-quality primary care locally, and the group continues to aggressively recruit additional physicians and health professionals.  Dr. Anslinger relocated from Boise, where since 2004 she has been in private practice at St. Luke's Internal Medicine.  She is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College in Portland and an honors graduate of the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.
     After completing her internal medicine internship at UW, Dr. Anslinger relocated to Boise, where she served as chief medical resident at the Boise VA Medical Center. 
     Dr. Anslinger is a diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine.  Her hobbies include reading, cooking, bird watching, hiking and gardening.

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