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Popular Women's Physician Returns to Practice

Published on 10/1/2007
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 Dr. Miriam McDonell, who cared for area women for six years at Columbia River Women's Clinic before taking a five-year hiatus, is returning to practice.
 Beginning Oct. 1, McDonell will begin providing well-women's care at Columbia Hills Family Medicine, at 1620 E. 12th in The Dalles.
 The popular physician took a break from her practice following the birth of her youngest daughter, who enters preschool this fall.  That provides some extra time which, coupled with Mid-Columbia Medical Center's adoption of a new hospitalist program, will enable McDonell  to see patients three mornings and one afternoon a week at Columbia Hills. 
 In the hospitalist program, hospital-based physicians care for inpatients and significantly reduce the on-call responsibilities of private practice doctors.   
 "With the hospitalist program, I can see a patient in the clinic, and if
I need to admit them to the hospital, I know they will be receiving excellent, specialized care from one of the physicians whose sole job is to look after them," says McDonell. "I can work and not be on call."
 In other words, she can work  but also be home for her children Avery, 9, Peter, 6, and Elena, 4, when they return from school, and her husband Dr. Paul Cardosi, when he ends his shift as director of the Sleep Center at MCMC.
 "I feel just really fortunate that MCMC has a hospitalist program,"
McDonell says. "Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do this, so it's a wonderful opportunity for me."
 In her new practice, McDonell will be providing many of the same medical services as her previous practice, though she will not be delivering babies.  Her focus will be on well-woman care.
 "Women might see me for irregular or painful menses, contraceptive needs, bladder or pelvic prolapse problems, PMS symptoms, hormonal or menopausal issues, as well as routine health maintenance such as screening for cancer, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis and depression," McDonell says.
 Women interested in making an appointment to see Dr. McDonell can call Columbia Hills Family Medicine at 541-296-9151.

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