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Mid-Columbia Medical Group Welcomes New Medical Director

Published on 10/30/2007
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     Mid-Columbia Medical Group (MCMG), today announced the hiring of Paul Armerding, M.D. as its new medical director. Dr. Armerding has practiced both family and emergency medicine for 25 years, but his responsibilities will be predominantly administrative.
    "Finding a full-time medical director was critical to the continued growth of Mid-Columbia Medical Group, we believe that Dr. Armerding brings the necessary talent and experience to help us accomplish our goals." said Sam Derrick, executive director of MCMG, the physician group affiliate of Mid-Columbia Medical Center.  "We have been relying on full-time practicing group physicians to handle our administrative duties in addition to caring for their patients.  But that has put a lot of extra burden on them and our future plans necessitate having a full-time person in this position.  We continue to recruit heavily for new providers, with an emphasis on internal medicine, to serve our communities, and as we grow it's imperative that we have a physician administrator leading our medical team."
    Most recently Dr. Armerding was practicing emergency medicine at Tuality Forest Grove Hospital in Forest Grove.
    A graduate of Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago in 1979, he completed his family practice residency at Methodist Medical Center of Illinois, Peoria. After moving to Oregon he opened his own family practice clinic in Hood River in 1991. After closing that clinic in late 2001 he began working in emergency medicine at various Oregon hospitals including Mid-Columbia Medical Center.
    "I surveyed my past 20 years to see what I might be able to bring to this position," he said. "I feel that I have gained valuable skills from both my medical experience and my life experiences that could help me become the advocate that both the administration and the medical group providers were looking for."
    Dr. Armerding said that he learned as a physician to listen to and help decipher communication from both patients and other healthcare providers. Owning his own family practice clinic gave him valuable insight into both the business side of practice management and the medical side.
    That insight combined with his faith and work in his church has provided him with a certain empathy and sympathy for the challenges facing healthcare providers today.
    "I find it easy to honor and respect people in all positions," he said. "My faith combined with my medical education and experience helps me to be an advocate for primary care providers within the medical profession. By becoming their advocate and assuming the administrative role they can concentrate on what they do best, providing outstanding, personalized care for their patients."
    Dr. Armerding said Mid-Columbia Medical Center's philosophy of care is closely aligned with his own "I truly believe in the MCMC mission to treat people as whole human beings. I hope to help people understand not only their life but their health. You can't give health but you can help people embrace their health. None of us are perfect, we all need healing."
    Dr. Armerding is an Elder in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Hood River. He and Laurel, his wife of 28 years, have four grown children, one granddaughter and more grandchildren on the way.

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