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Cathy Ruggles named Oregon Home Therapist of the Year

by the Oregon Association of Home Care
Published on 5/7/2013
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A member of the Mid-Columbia Medical Center Home Health staff has been named Oregon Home Therapist of the Year.

Cathy Ruggles earned the honored, given each year by the Oregon Association of Home Care. She is a physical therapist who travels extensively throughout all of Sherman County and south Wasco County to provide Physical Therapy services to homebound patients or patients who have no other option for therapy in their own communities.

duane francis, cathy ruggles, regina rose of mid-columbia medical center

Pictured (above): Duane Francis, Cathy Ruggles and Regina Rose

Cathy's nomination for the award included several examples of her caring attitude in action, such as her serving as a strong advocate for a new gym in the Wamic community, which is now available to her clients wanting to continue their rehab work when they are no longer home-bound. She has purchased an instructional tai chi video for a patient who wanted to learn the exercise  but didn't have classes in his community, arranged to have scooter controls repositioned for a patient who couldn't operate them otherwise, and much more.

Oregon Home Therapist of the Year is a well-deserved honor, and we congratulate Cathy and thank her for being such a great example of MCMC's mission at work in the communities we serve.

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