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Nurses' Week Celebrations at MCMC

Published on 5/10/2013
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This week we celebrated National Nurses' Week with a luncheon sponsored by the Nursing Leadership Team. As you may have guessed our theme was M.A.S.H., "Best Care Anywhere"!

Pictured above from left to right: Regina R., Autumn M., Kim H., Liesl P., Marcia M., Cori C., & Dave S.

We also named three MCMC nurses "Nurse of the Year" (pictured below left to right): Lori Russell (School Nursing), and Jennifer Bruhn (Critical Care) and Shannon Osborne (ED, Nursing Supervisor).

nurses of the year at Mid-Columbia Medical Center

Our CEO/President, Duane Francis, also shared a special message honoring all our nurses during Nurses' Week.


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