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MCMC Awards Hospital Staff for a Combined 1330 Years of Service

Published on 6/5/2013
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Every year our hospital staff is brought together to celebrate those who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of employment at MCMC. Cheri McCall, of Human Resources, coordinates a very special "Years of Service Recognition" luncheon and slide show to honor those MCMC employees.

Pictured above: Duane Francis with Chris Wallace, celebrating 35 years of service; Bill Palmer celebrates 20 years of service; Lois Corbett with Dianne Storby celebrating 5 years of service; Amanda Thomas celebrates 5 years of service.

This year Duane Francis, President and CEO, Dianne Storby, Executive Vice President and Board Trustee, Dr. Wally Wolf honored 115 employees. Their contributions represent 1,330 years of service to MCMC patients, their care partners and loved ones, and the community.

We are grateful to have staff that choose to work at Mid-Columbia Medical Center for many years to come. Thank you everyone for your continued contributions that make this hospital successful!

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