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MCMC Pharmacist Earns National Credential in Pain Management

Published on 6/19/2013
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MCMC Pharmacist Eric Holeman has specialized in pain management for 15 years. His recent national credential as a Pain Practitioner by The American Academy of Pain Management (AAPM) has further prepared him to bring consistent and effective patient care to The Dalles community. 

“My goal for earning this credential is to provide high-quality service to patients that are in line with the current standards and best practices,” Holeman said.

This credential confirms general knowledge and clinical skills related to pain management. It also allows the Pharmacist to be a more integrated and effective member of the pain care team.

What’s unique about Holeman’s achievement is that of all credentialed practitioners at the AAPM, relatively few of them are clinical pharmacists. 

“Pharmacists have a unique opportunity to effectively improve chronic pain management through better knowledge of medications and focus on medication management issues. Pharmacists are uniquely prepared in this regard,” Holeman said.

The pain management model at Mid-Columbia Medical Center is also unique because it utilizes a clinical pharmacist to provide primary care based pain consultation. Clinical Doctor of Pharmacy students from at least four different major universities have traveled to Mid-Columbia Medical Center for clinical rotation because of this. Pain management credentialing supports the success of the Pharmacist in this unique model.

Along with his new credential, his new status as a “Diplomat to The American Academy of Pain Management” allows him to now connect with the national network of Pain Practitioners established by the AAPM.

“I am very pleased to have accomplished this credential. Through the preparation for examination, I was able to expand my knowledge considerably and it has opened new horizons for continuous learning and education. It has enhanced my clinical confidence and confirmed for me that we provide high-quality care related to pain management in our clinics,” Holeman said.

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  • Congratulations Eric!! I am not surprised to see your growth in pharmacy and pain management. I'm sure we will continue to see great things from you.

    Posted by: Annie | May 1, 2016

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