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MCMC Health & Fitness Fair

Come to Water’s Edge for our Annual Health & Fitness Fair!
Published on 8/30/2013
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MCMC Health & Fitness Fair
Saturday, Sept. 28, 10 am – 2 pm
Free Admission
Hosted by Water's Edge Health & Wellness Center

Come to Water’s Edge for our Annual Health & Fitness Fair!

Take advantage of a variety of health screenings and information for the whole family including cholesterol and blood glucose, Doc Talk lectures, flu shot clinic, nutrition and cooking demos, community drug take back and much more for men, women and kids.

Kids Health
• Sensory development through play – obstacle course
• Concussion prevention and treatment - Judy Richardson, MD, and Mark Cullen, MD
• Immunization scheduling - Women’s Health
• Preventive health screening updates
• Breast health and cancer prevention information
• Learn about the latest in water births at MCMC

• Cooking healthy on a budget – demos
• Plant-based nutrition and diet – ask the dietitian

Have a Cancer Question?
• Ask Keith Stelzer, MD, Radiation Oncologist - 10 am - noon

Men’s Health & Sports Performance
• Preventive health screening updates
• Know your numbers
• Fly fishing demonstrations & more

Wellness & Activity
• Massage, Yoga, Tai Chi
• Foot care and gait analysis
• Reflexology
• Skin analysis for teens and adults


10 am
Exercise Across the Lifespan for Men & Women
Christina McManigal PT, DPT
Shelly Anslinger, PT, DPT
Zach Chown, PT, DPT

11 am
Coping with BPH – (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)
It’s a Guy Thing
Gary Gingrich, MD

PSA — Role, Reliability and Value
Nathan Ullrich, MD

Keeping Kids Fit & Fierce!
Mimi McDonnell, MD

Visit “Get Ready The Dalles”
Emergency Preparedness
from 10 am – 2 pm
outside Water’s Edge

All located at Water’s Edge, 551 Lone Pine Blvd, The Dalles
For more information, contact: lindas@mcmc.net

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