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Interview with Marti, Celilo Patient

Published on 12/12/2013
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We'd like to introduce you to Marti. She is one of 249 women who have received a free screening mammogram through the Breast Health for Strong Families Program since its beginning in June of 2011.  

Throughout our community there is a population of women who face barriers to getting screening mammograms. Some of those women don't speak English and need addition support to make breast care a reality. Some live 50 miles or more from Mid-Columbia Medical Center, and do not have access to regular transportation. Some are uninsured, have high deductibles or have insurance that does not cover screening mammograms. For many these reasons make mammograms out of reach.  Marti is one of these women.

Marti began getting mammograms around the time she turned 30. Her mother and grandmother had experienced breast cancer. When Marti found herself in a situation where insurance would not cover her screening mammogram her doctor referred her to the Breast Health for Strong Families Program. Marti is one of five local women to receive a breast cancer diagnosis through the program.

Below you can watch her video interview about her journey through Breast Cancer.

The Breast Health for Strong Families Program was created to help break down barriers to care for local women. So far, donations from generous community members, along with other like-minded organizations and businesses have given a total of $242,583 to the Breast Health for Strong Families Program. $90,000 has been used specifically for screening mammograms.  $110,000 has been used to purchase supplies, provided education and outreach materials and to pay the salary of a Health Promoter, who helps people through the process of getting mammograms and aftercare.  

It's the goal of our health foundation to raise an additional $25,000 for the Breast Health for Strong Families Program by the end of the year. A donation in any amount helps us reach that goal. Your donation of $500, $100 or even $25 will benefit people like Marti who need help to get screening mammograms, which truly can be life saving.

For more information or to make a donation visit us at the Breast Health for Strong Families Program webpage.

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