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Passionate About the Gorge, Passionate About Physical Therapy

Published on 12/20/2013
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Gina Clark grew up in SE Portland with a dream to one day live in the Columbia River Gorge. She and her husband would take frequent trips between Oregon and Montana for outdoor exploration.

Before joining MCMC’s Physical Therapy Department at Water’s Edge, Gina received her doctorate degree in physical therapy from Pacific University.  Prior to that, she earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and biology from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Mt.

Gina enjoys her new career as a physical therapist in this scenic destination. Specifically, Gina is passionate about treating conditions related to women’s health, such as urinary incontinence urinary incontinence. She also enjoys caring for women during and after pregnancy.

"I love being able to help people, especially when they feel like there's no help," said Gina.

She also works with patients recovering from orthopedic conditions and neurological conditions such as strokes, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and amputations.

When Gina’s not at work, she’s often outdoors fly-fishing or backpacking. She also finds time to sew and cook great meals with her husband.

To make an appointment with Gina call MCMC Outpatient Therapy at Water’s Edge at (541) 296-7202.

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