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Letter to the Community - 2013 Wrap-up

Published on 2/12/2014
Author: Duane Francis
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Dear Neighbor,

Happy New Year to you.

I hope when you look back on 2013, you do so with a sense of satisfaction and pride in all of your accomplishments. We do here at Mid-Columbia Medical Center.

It was a very productive year that saw a lot of growth in existing programs as well as the addition of several new services and health professionals to further expand the health and wellness offerings available to you locally.

Our medical staff continued to grow with several new healthcare providers in addition to some new specialties previously not available on a full-time basis. For example, you can read about our first full-time der matologist in this issue of Well Aware, in addition to our new senior care specialist and another internal medicine physician.

Last year we also brought Columbia River Women’s Center into the MCMC family of care, while adding two new ob/gyn physicians to the CRWC team to improve local access to comprehensive women’s care.

We also added a sports medicine physician. In only one year, Dr. Mark Cullen and our team of trainers and therapists have developed deep relationships with the school athletic departments and teams throughout the area. Working in the schools, as well as our clinic at Water’s Edge, our sports medicine team is ensuring local athletes have access to comprehensive services and education related to proper training, injury prevention and treatment, concussion management and more.

Water’s Edge continued its remarkable growth as a community resource for health and lifestyle services. The fitness center is bustling with activity at virtually all hours. It’s rewarding to see adults of all ages using the center to maintain, regain or improve their health.

The Spa at Water’s Edge is equally busy as more and more people have discovered its powers for rejuvenating and enhancing the body, mind and soul. Those are just a few examples of the activities that helped make 2013 another great year at MCMC. We look for 2014 to be equally rewarding and productive, and wish the same for your coming year.

Duane Francis

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