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From Russia, With Love

Nona Niculescu, M.D. Internal Medicine Specialist
Published on 2/24/2014
Author: by Mark Adams
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Her journey began in Russia, went through New York City and ended in The Dalles. Every step was an important one for Dr. Nona Niculescu, but now she says it’s nice to be settling down.

Dr. Niculescu is now seeing patients as a new member of the group of internal medicine physicians at River View Clinic in The Dalles, and she couldn’t be happier about it.

“The Gorge is spectacular and amazing. It’s a breath of fresh air,” she said.

She uses similar superlatives to describe the care team she practices with and the manner in which patients are treated at MCMC, with all components of patient care addressed — mind, body and spirit.

“I think it ’s awesome. I’m so happy to have been chosen to work here,” she says, “I’m looking for ward to getting to know our patients and developing a mutual trust.”

internal medicine doctor nona niculescu the dalles mcmc

Dr. Niculescu grew up in the former Soviet Union. She first studied eye care in Russia, and during that time she married.

The couple decided to move to America, where Dr. Niculescu applied to a medical training program in New York. She was accepted, and the experience was a whirlwind of long hours, cramped quarters and fast-paced medicine.

“It never got boring,” she says. “The program gave me something worthwhile to live and work for, and the sacrifice was a pleasure.”

Dr. Niculescu says the program was also an excellent training program and she learned many things about medicine and people.

An avid swimmer, the doctor also likes to read in her spare time. She is always on the lookout for new information, new ideas and new ways of treating patients.

Dr. Niculescu has a 6-year-old son, Daniel, and they enjoy the outdoors.

It’s great to have a home in the quiet beauty of The Dalles after life in the big city, she says. In her previous life, Dr. Niculescu lived in a neighborhood full of not-so-safe people. There were sirens
all night and yelling from the street.

“This is heavenly,” she says. “I’m more a country kind of girl.”

Dr. Niculescu is now accepting new adult patients into her practice at River View Clinic.

To make an appointment, please call 541.506.6940.

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