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Nurse of the Year

For the third straight year, an MCMC nurse is honored as one of 16 Oregon Nurses of the Year.
Published on 2/24/2014
Author: By Dick Baltus
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It didn’t take Connie Jubitz, R.N., very long to leave her mark on the nursing profession.

Just eight years after graduating from the Columbia Gorge Community College nursing program and starting on the acute care floor at MCMC, Jubitz has been recognized by the March of Dimes as one of 16 outstanding Oregon nurses.

She was honored as Adult Acute Care Nurse of the Year, marking the third straight year at least one MCMC nurse has been recognized by the March of Dimes.

While praising the contributions all nurses make on a daily basis, the organization says the 16 nurses honored were acknowledged for their “constant care, compassion and dedication to improving the lives of others through service.”

Though she is a relative newcomer to nursing, Jubitz’s interest in the profession dates back to her teen years when she spent a couple summers as a volunteer candy striper at hospitals in her hometown of Seattle.

“I enjoyed that a great deal and thought about going to nursing school then,” she says. Instead, on the suggestion of her father, Jubitz went into computer programming. She worked for Boeing until her husband, a state trooper, accepted a job in Hood River.

“I couldn’t really apply my large, mainframe computer programming skills to any job in a small town, and I didn’t want to commute into Portland,” Jubitz says. “When the college started its nursing program, I thought this was something I could do part-time while still being a mom to my three kids.”

Jubitz was on the acute care floor exclusively until she recently took an administrative job as MCMC’s assistant nursing education coordinator. But she still maintains a couple of shifts a month on the floor.

connie jubitz nurse of the year for oregon mcmc

“Acute care nursing is very challenging,” she says, “Being able to make a difference in a patient’s recovery is very rewarding. Every nurse has the ability and opportunity to influence someone’s recovery daily, and that is very rewarding.”

While Jubitz is now primarily in a teaching role, she is also continuing her own education, pursuing her bachelor’s in nursing degree online. That’s just one of the many activities that keep her busy away from work. She says “there are lots of things people can do to enrich the community,” and she demonstrates that belief by volunteering for her church, as a camp nurse, at her children’s schools and in the medical reserve corps.

Jubitz was one of several MCMC nurses nominated for the Nurse of the Year Award.

“All of the nominees are fabulous nurses, and I considered myself extremely lucky to be part of the group that was honored,” she says. “I wish all of MCMC’s nurse could have gotten the award, because they all deserve it.”

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