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Women At Work

Published on 2/24/2014
Author: By Dick Baltus
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With two new physicians and a new partnership with Mid-Columbia Medical Center, Columbia River Women’s Center is better prepared than ever to care for Gorge-area women.

Columbia River Women’s Center, the leading provider of obstetric/gynecologic care in the Gorge, is entering an exciting new era.

CRWC and Mid-Columbia Medical Center have joined forces to enhance and expand local access to comprehensive women services, through all stages of life.

The immediate benefit of the new partnership includes the addition of two new obstetrician/gynecologists, Drs. Ananda Boyer and Lena Weinman, whose profiles follow. In addition, CRWC will be partnering with the OHSU Center for Women’s Health to bring an array of new services to the clinic and benefits to women.

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This includes 20-week ultrasounds, genetic counseling and high-risk obstetric consultations.

CRWC is excited to welcome Drs. Boyer and Weinman to our staff of women’s health providers, which also includes ob/gyn Analene Pentopoulos, MD, certified nurse midwife Mandelynn Morgan, CNM, and family nurse practitioner Jennifer Hanlon-Wilde, FNP.

To make an appointment with any of our providers, please call Columbia River Women’s Center at 541.296.5657.

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