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Free Youth Sports Physicals

Mcmc Sports Medicine And Orthopaedic Surgery
Published on 8/11/2014
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Free Youth Sports Physicals At Mcmc Sports Medicine And Orthopaedic Surgery

Call 541.506.6500 to schedule your appointment time:

  • Tuesday, Aug. 12th
  • Friday, Aug. 15th


• Physicals will be given at no charge and by appointment only.
• Physicals will be conducted at MCMC Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery.
• Physicals will focus on requirements for student athletes. Please contact your PCP for Boy Scout and Special Olympic required physicals.
• Student should wear RX glasses or contacts.
• Concussion Assessment information will be provided.
• Sports physicals are for youth grades 7-12.
• Parent signature is required but does not need to be present for actual physical.
• Please complete the Sports Physical Form ahead of time if possible to avoid delays. Forms can be found at osaa.org and wiaa.com. Forms will also be available at the clinic.

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