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Contact your friends and family by sending them a personal message. Please complete the required fields so that we can ensure your message is delivered promptly.

Messages will be delivered by our volunteers Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Please note that delays in delivery may occur, especially during evenings and weekends. In case of a holiday, delivery will be made the next business day

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Terms of Service for sending a Message to a Patient

In order to protect the confidentiality of our patients, we are not authorized to confirm your message has been delivered. Messages sent to patients who have been discharged will not be delivered and will be discarded.

These messages are not confidential or secure, so please do not include information you do not wish to be viewed by others. Messages are meant for the purpose of providing encouragement to patients in the hospital. Inappropriate messages, including business solicitations or messages containing offensive or obscene language will be discarded at the discretion of the hospital.

For patients who have requested a confidential or have opted out of our directory, we will not be able to deliver the message.

The hospital has no mechanism in place to allow a patient to reply, nor do we currently provide patient email services to our patients.