Spiritual Care - We Value its Importance

Mid-Columbia Medical Center recognizes the unique needs of each individual and the potential for spiritual care to enhance healing. Our Spiritual Care Department staff members and volunteers are available to offer a caring spiritual presence to patients and their families.

Staff members have received advanced education in spiritual care and are dedicated to being caring companions to others in times of crisis or life transitions.

The Labyrinth: Preserving the Mind Body Connection

As part of our commitment to caring for the spiritual needs of our patients, Mid-Columbia Medical Center is one of the few hospitals in the U.S. to have a labyrinth. Labyrinths are walking meditation paths. They wind inward to a center and back out again.

Where labyrinths ultimately lead is up to those who walk them. For many they are spiritual tools. Frequently, people experience feelings of profound peace, relaxation, empowerment and wholeness as they move along the paths.

The Labyrinth

  • The labyrinth
    is a unique place where visitors can find a deep sense of inner peace.
  • The Spiritual Care team
    is always available if you would like guidance, through the labyrinth or with other areas of council.
  • Anna Plays a Magical Harp
    Part of our commitment to providing spiritual healing, the harp music is truly amazing to hear.
  • The Finger Labyrinth
    Finger labyrinths provide reflection and a meditative path on a smaller scale.
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The labyrinths are available for patients, visitors, employees and community members to use at all times.

At MCMC, a beautiful stone labyrinth lies in a park-like setting on the east side of the hospital in front of Celilo Cancer Center. In addition to this walking labyrinth, oak finger meditation labyrinths are located in the hospital chapel and quiet rooms.