Celilo Cancer Center: Exceptional Care, Extraordinary Caring

In a beautiful setting, on the campus of Mid-Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles, Celilo offers cancer patients and their families opportunities for healing body, mind and soul.

Here patients find advanced technology, compassionate, skilled care providers and a host of complementary services — all devoted to healing the whole person. In their most difficult moments, people with cancer find hope, solace and strength through some of the world’s most time-honored healing arts.

Whole Person Healing

Edit15At Celilo, we provide patient care in a manner that we believe is unique among cancer centers. We focus not only on a disease and how it affects the body, but also on how it affects the whole person — body, mind and soul — and how it affects the person’s loved ones.

This unique philosophy has enabled us to attract an outstanding team of physicians, nurses, technologists and other professionals who are among the best in their disciplines. They have chosen Celilo because here they can offer their patients a comprehensive range of healing tools that address their unique physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Some people may never use all of the tools — how they approach treatment is their choice. But taking advantage of even one of them can make a significant difference in a patient’s state of mind, quality of life and even outcome.

Meet Our Team

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    Survivor Stories

    “They treat you like a person, not just a patient. When you are worrying about having cancer, you need people around you who are going to give you the best support possible. These are those people.”

    Click here to read Misty’s story.

    Misty Martin
    Misty MartinCancer Survivor and Celilo Cancer Center patient

    “I had the best care. It couldn’t have been better. I felt like I was their only patient.”

    Click here to read TJ’s story.

    TJ Miles
    TJ MilesCancer Survivor and Celilo Cancer Center patient

    “All the fear I had at first went away soon because everyone was so positive and supportive. No one ever told me Don’t do this or Don’t do that. They never told me my life was going to be changing completely. They just encouraged me to go ahead and do the things that were important to me.”

    Click here to read Nadine’s story.

    Nadine Brack
    Nadine BrackCancer Survivor and Celilo Cancer Center patient

    “They’ve really treated me well. It’s been everything you could want.”

    Click here to read Dale’s story.

    Dale Harris
    Dale HarrisCancer Survivor and Celilo Cancer Center patient

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