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Mid-Columbia Medical Center has been providing high-quality healthcare to people of the Mid-Columbia region in its current location on 19th Street in The Dalles for over half a century.

The staff of nearly 1,000 employees and more 50 physicians, as well as more than 200 volunteers, work as a team to provide care that is respectful of the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their families.

We offer a continuum of services, including education, wellness and prevention programs, outpatient and in-home services. Our commitment to offering our patients a broad range of advanced care has led the development of a modern medical campus staffed by highly trained health professionals using the latest medical technology.

MCMC has earned an international reputation for our efforts to improve the hospital experience for patients and their families.  In 1992 MCMC became the first hospital in the world to implement the Planetree philosophy of care facility wide. In the ensuing years, MCMC was transformed into a one-of-a-kind center of healing, a place very different from what most people expect of a hospital.

While Planetree remains at the heart of the inpatient experience provided at Mid-Columbia Medical Center, its implementation represented only the beginning of what continues to be a remarkable evolutionary process. MCMC is equipped with the latest technologies for diagnosis and healing, but also has adopted a far broader definition of health intended to address a person’s emotional, spiritual, intellectual and environmental concerns in addition to physical needs.