Columbia Gorge Regional Community Health Assessment

Collaborating for Optimum Health and Optimized Healthcare

A spirit of collaboration

The organizations listed in the sidebar have come together to create our first integrated Columbia Gorge Regional Community Health Assessment. Together, we have been able to combine social and economic conditions with key healthcare information to build a prioritized set of needs for the region and identify unique needs in specific locations or populations.

Historically, needs assessments were conducted separately for various populations and areas in the Columbia Gorge Region. Local organizations independently collected and analyzed data and implemented health improvement activities. As a result, efforts to prioritize needs and to collaborate on health improvement have been inconsistent and less impactful. This year, we pursued a different path using the newly formed Columbia Gorge Health Council with its Consumer Advisory Council as the organizer.

With this new cross-organizational, cross-county forum, we chose to embark on a collaborative effort to serve the needs of multiple organizations. Our Principles of Collaboration outline our mutual intentions:

  • A collaborative community health assessment (“CHA”) can be better; more accurate and actionable as community providers agree on the needs within our region and communities and will support our ability to address those needs together.
  • A collaborative CHA will maximize collective resources available for improving population health.
  • A collaborative CHA must be truly collaborative, requiring financial commitments from all participants who would use it to satisfy a regulatory requirement.

While Community Health Assessments are often anchored in the healthcare ecosystem, we elected to be inclusive of the social service agencies and non-profits that serve the vulnerable populations in our area.

This document that you can download below, represents our collaborative work and, more importantly, our harmonized voice on the highest needs for our region overall.

The Cohort

Columbia Gorge Health Council
Hood River County Health Department
Klickitat Valley Health
Klickitat Valley Health Department
Mid-Columbia Center for Living
Mid-Columbia Medical Center
North Central Public Health District
One Community Health
PacificSource Community Solutions
Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital
Skyline Hospital