Diabetes Health Services

A diagnosis of diabetes doesn’t have to end your personal freedom or disrupt your lifestyle. In fact, you may discover a level of health and well-being you never knew before using the tools available through the Diabetes Health and Education Services of Mid-Columbia Medical Center.

Our program helps people understand what a diagnosis of diabetes means and how to live healthy with the disease. If you have diabetes, our care team of diabetes educators will help you manage your disease so that you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle and improved quality of life:

Comprehensive Education is Provided on Subjects Such As:

  • Diabetes, its causes, effects and potential complications
  • Medications
  • Blood-sugar monitoring
  • Equipment options for self-care
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Making successful lifestyle changes
  • Coping with illness and stress
  • Community resources

We offer group classes and individual appointments.

Participants in our program are encouraged to bring a family member for support.

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We Are Located at Water’s Edge

At our clinic, you’ll find a warm, welcoming and supportive environment with panoramic views of nature providing both inspiration and a sense of peace.

Diabetes Health Services
Water’s Edge
551 Lone Pine Blvd Ste #303,
The Dalles, OR 97058

Ph: 541-296-7319