Occupational Therapy for Kids

  • Sensory Processing: Assisting children in modulation and regulation of sensory input for improved ability to perform daily activities such as playing, schoolwork, eating, dressing, sleeping and self-care.
  • Motor Skills: Development of fine and gross motor skills to improve balance, coordination, strength and endurance.
  • Activities of Daily Living: Improving independence with self-care skills.
  • Adaptive Equipment: Design, fabrication, fitting and training for assistive devices.
  • Aquatic Therapy: For vestibular stimulation, sensory integration and learning motor movements in a supportive environment.

Building Block Program

Personalized one-on-one therapy services to children and families. We will work with you and your child to help him or her keep up with their peers and better interact in their surroundings.

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Locations in Hood River & The Dalles

We are currently accepting new patients.  Often a simple physician’s referral is all that’s needed to make an appointment.

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