Speech Language Therapy for Kids

  • Language Intervention: Addressing expressive/receptive delays, from infant to adolescent.
  • Articulation / Phonological Treatment: For speech sound disorders and motor speech disorders.
  • Treatment of Fluency Disorders.
  • Resonance Disorders : Related to craniofacial anomalies such as cleft palate or velopharyngeal problems.
  • Cognitive Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Feeding & Swallowing Therapy: To address safe swallowing and strategies for transitioning/expanding food repertoire.

Building Block Program

Personalized one-on-one therapy services to children and families. We will work with you and your child to help him or her keep up with their peers and better interact in their surroundings.

Addressing Development Delays

Concerned your child may be showing signs of a development delay? Please reference these trusted websites for general guidelines. You may also contact your child’s primary care provider or one of our pediatric specialists for a formal assessment.

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Locations in Hood River & The Dalles

We are currently accepting new patients.  Often a simple physician’s referral is all that’s needed to make an appointment.

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