Job Shadowing Program


Who is eligible to apply to participate:

  • High school students 16 years or older with a total GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • College students
  • Adults who are exploring career options

Program Goals

The goals of the MCMC job shadowing program are to assist students in accomplishing
the following:

  • Observe the daily routines of healthcare workers
  • Begin to identify career interests in healthcare
  • Gain awareness of the academic, technical and personal skills required in healthcare professions
  • Gain an understanding of the work environments in particular healthcare professions


To be considered for a job shadow, participants must read and complete all of the
forms listed on this page, including:

Obtain a TB test prior to the job shadow and a second TB test within 30 days of starting the job shadow. TB tests can be obtained through the Wasco-Sherman County Public Health Department; 419 E 7th St # 100 The Dalles, OR 97058, (541) 506-2600;

Provide proof of lab immunity, immunization or natural disease history of rubella, rubeola, and varicella from their own healthcare provider or sign a declamation form regarding immunization.

Next Steps

Once all paperwork is complete, contact Human Resources at (541) 296-7510 to discuss the possibility of job shadow placement. Please feel free to contact Human Resources at any time with any questions you may have regarding the Job Shadow Program, eligibility and/or requirements.