Persistent Pain Education Program

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A comprehensive pain management approach

Our Persistent Pain Education Program (PPEP) is a series of eight presentations that educate people in a comprehensive, pain-management approach. Each 90-minute talk is led by a different healthcare professional including a physical therapist, clinical psychologist, clinical pharmacist, sleep specialist, dietitian and therapeutic yoga instructor.

The classes help people living with chronic pain to address multiple areas of self-management that can ultimately lead to decreased pain and improved quality of life.

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PPEP Learning Objectives

  • To understand at least three changes that occur in our nerves and brain in a chronic pain state.
  • To learn at least two relaxation/breathing techniques that can be used throughout the day to calm the nervous system and reduce muscle tension.
  • To identify three foods to eliminate from your diet to reduce systemic inflammation.
  • To identify three meals that promote reduced systemic inflammation and that can be easily prepared.
  • To improve your mindfulness regarding your daily movement patterns, in the home and community, such that you continue to breathe deeply and keep your muscles relaxed during three different activities that normally cause you pain.

All classes will be held on the 2nd floor of Waters Edge Health & Wellness Center.

Class Descriptions

These classes are always free but do require registration. Please register for this program online by filling out the form on this page. You can register at any point in the program. We encourage you to attend as many classes as you can in order to get a comprehensive pain management education. We repeat this program at least once a quarter so you can retake missed classes or refresh your education.

Please note that the dates and instructors listed below are for The Dalles program at Water’s Edge. Please call us at 541-386-2441 in order to get details about our Hood River program. Dates and topics are subject to change but we will make sure to update you when you register.

Explain Pain with Andy Roof, Physical Therapist

NEXT CLASS: Tuesday, May 23, 1-2:30p

Taught by a physical therapist, this class covers the basic physiology of pain, what is happening in our brains and nerves when we feel pain, and how a “chronic” pain state develops in our nervous system.

Research shows that people with persistent pain who learn about the science behind the changes in their nervous system are able to decrease their perceived pain level.

How to Live a Fulfilling Life with Pain

NEXT CLASS: Wednesday, May 31, 1-2:30p

This class builds off of Andy Roof’s Explain Pain class discussing the BIG picture of your pain. A clinical psychologist discusses how to better understand behavior changes and what gets in the way of living an enriching life. He gives you strategies that allow for flexible pursuit of valued activities.

Nutrition & Pain Management with Tracy Dugick, Registered Dietitian

NEXT CLASS: Tuesday, June 6, 1-2:30p

Chronic inflammation has been shown to be involved in multiple disease processes that are involved in creating a persistent pain condition. In this class, a registered dietitian will teach participants how eating properly can reduce inflammation in the body. A week’s worth of healthy, affordable meal ideas will be provided.

Mindfulness Meditation with Jill Keiffer, RN

NEXT CLASS: Tuesday, June 13, 1-2:30p

Certain parts of the nervous system become “wound up” and dysfunctional in a persistent pain state. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and relaxation can help to calm the nervous system and return it to a healthy state. In this class, a yoga instructor will cover simple breathing and relaxation techniques that can be performed daily as part of a self-treatment program.

Mindfulness Movement with Jill Keiffer, RN

NEXT CLASS: Tuesday, June 20, 1-2:30p

This class builds on concepts from Mindfulness Meditation. A licensed yoga instructor will teach mindful ways of movement that aid in stress reduction, increase circulation and function, and decrease physical tension.

Medications for Chronic Pain, Part I with Eric Holeman, Pharmacist

NEXT CLASS: Tuesday, June 27, 1-2:30p

This class is taught by a clinical pharmacist and covers proper pain management with prescription drugs. Topics covered also include opioid tolerance, dependence, addiction, and safe tapering or weaning techniques.

Medications for Chronic Pain, Part II with Eric Holeman, Pharmacist

NEXT CLASS: Tuesday, July 5, 1-2:30p

This class builds on the previous week covering proper pain management with prescription drugs. Topics covered also include opioid tolerance, dependence, addiction and safe tapering or weaning techniques.

Sleep it Off: The Interaction Between Pain and Sleep with Dr. Paul Cardosi, Physician

NEXT CLASS: Tuesday, July 11, 1-2:30p

Good sleep is beneficial for mind and body, but pain can get in the way, and poor sleep may make coping with pain more difficult. This class will explore this relationship and also options for treatment.

Class Paperwork

We hand this paperwork out the first day of class and the last day of class for every student to fill out. However, if you miss the first or last day of class or want to fill it out before you come you can download it here.

Patient Information

Brief Pain Inventory

Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire

Pain Self Efficacy Questionnaire

We want to know what you think! Please fill out the feedback form and bring to the last day of class.

Feedback Form

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NEXT class series begins May 23 in The Dalles or May 4th in Hood River*!

You can register below or call Lee Robison at 541-296-7202 or email him at if you have any questions.

The Dalles classes will be from 1:00-2:30 at Water’s Edge, 551 NE Lone Pine Blvd.

The Hood River classes will be from 12:00-1:00 at Hood River Therapy, 2690 May St.

Registration below is for the entire series in The Dalles beginning May 23, 2017 OR the entire series in *Hood River beginning May 4, 2017. You must select the location below.

*The Hood River series has different speakers, but many of the same topics are covered.