What Planetree Means

Effective therapy can assume many forms, medical and otherwise — like a beautiful painting, a favorite song, a good laugh or a conversation with a friend.

As a Planetree hospital, MCMC offers patients access to a wealth of experience, which can help meet their needs as a whole person, not just a body requiring medical care. We believe that by merging the resources of the mind, body and spirit, patients will heal faster and more completely.

The following is a sampling of Planetree services and healing arts from which our patients and visitors are able to choose to augment their traditional care.  The choice of whether to take advantage of any, all or none of these offerings is completely up to each individual.

Care Partners

All patients are encouraged to involve family members or friends in their care by selecting a “care partner,” a loved one who works closely with the patient and nurses to plan their care and direct home care after discharge.

Open Medical Chart

Patients are encouraged to read their own medical chart and to ask questions of their nurse or doctor. They can even write about their own experiences and observations in their chart.

Patient Health Information Packets

Because being informed is a vital aspect of care, any patient can request a packet of information on any health concern while a patient at Mid-Columbia Medical Center. Packets are prepared at no cost by the information specialists of Planetree Health Resource Center.

Music Thanatology

Sometimes, despite the best medical care available, nothing more can be done to heal the physical body. HeartStrings Music Thanatology is a clinical music practice used to ease the transition between life and death. During a HeartStrings vigil, our music thanatologist – a clinical musician specially trained in end-of-life care – blends harp and voice, relieving the patient’s fear, discomfort and suffering.

Relaxation Therapy

At MCMC, a relaxation specialist is available to work with patients to reduce the stress of hospitalization and develop skills to promote healing thorough relaxation.

The Labyrinth

Our labyrinth, located outdoors between the main hospital building and Celilo Cancer Center, offers healing through contemplative walking. More about the Labyrinth here.

Art Therapy

From encouraging patients to create their own artwork to offering the option of changing the art in their rooms, MCMC believes in the connection between art and healing.

Pet therapy

Certified pet visitors frequent the halls of Mid-Columbia Medical Center. Accompanied by their handlers, these pets understand the importance of their job in providing touch therapy and companionship.

Healing Gardens

Throughout history, gardens have been used to aid in the healing process. Strolling through a garden can promote tranquility, ease tension and create feelings of harmony. There are three garden areas on the MCMC campus that patients and their families are welcome to enjoy.