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Based on a comprehensive exam and testing, we develop an appropriate treatment plan for each patient. If there's a need for heart surgery, we work closely with OHSU's cardiothoracic surgical team. Common treatments include:

Medical Management: The use of lifestyle approaches combined with pharmaceuticals to reduce the risk of heart disease or a coronary event.

Pacemaker Implants: We implant pacemakers and exchange batteries on pacemakers in our clinic.

Cardioversion: A procedure in which an electrical shock is delivered to the heart to convert an irregular or fast heart rhythm to a normal heart rhythm.

Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation: An essential part of follow-up treatment for patients who have experienced a heart-related event, cardiac rehabilitation involves a three-phase process. Phase I begins while you are a patient in the hospital, where you will be given information that will help you understand the benefits of, and help you begin to live, a heart-healthy lifestyle. Phase 2 occurs in the outpatient setting where you and a team of experts will help you exercise safely, learn about a heart-healthy diet, manage symptoms of cardiac disease, set goals to regain a healthy lifestyle and reduce stress. During phase 3, you will be ready to continue your heart-healthy lifestyle independently.
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Lifestyle Medicine:A healthy heart begins with many of the choices we make in our everyday lives. And while some risk factors for heart disease, like family history, can't be changed, you have the power to affect many others.

Numerous studies along with first-hand results in our own practice show that exercise and diet can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease or an adverse heart event. By eating right, moving more, reducing stress, avoiding tobacco and maintaining a healthy weight, you can help control many of the leading causes of heart disease.

We encourage patients to set realistic goals and work toward them one step at a time. Our clinic and the health and wellness facility at Water's Edge offer many resources and hands-on training for patients to help them move toward optimal heart health.

Heart Failure Video Series

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Mid-Columbia Medical Center is now providing HealthClips® videos to help you learn more about heart failure and what you can do to manage it.

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