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Birthing Rooms

A stay at the Birthing Center at Mid-Columbia Medical Center has been compared to enjoying a deluxe spa or five-star hotel. Our facility consists of 6 private birthing rooms, a spa room, and one extra large room to accommodate large families.

Each room features wall-to-wall windows, with garden or river views, tranquil colors and wood floors and trim. Amenities include a private lavatory with a vanity area, a flat screen TV with DVD/VHS player, an extra sleeping bed and/or comfortable seating for your support people, and thoughtful decorations and alcoves.

The Birthing/Spa Room

birthing room One unique feature of the Birthing Center is the spa room, which contains a whirlpool tub, and a variety of soothing music selections. Many women have found this to be especially relaxing after labor to help soothe sore muscles.

The Birthing Center is just down the hall from our surgery unit, where should an emergency arise, the mother and baby can be safely transferred if ever needed.

We Want You to be Comfortable

  • Make your stay as comfortable as possible
  • Provide a comforting atmosphere while also supporting any medical need that may arise
  • Always give direct, one-on-one care
  • Personalize the birthing experience exactly as the mother would like
  • Provide alternative birthing methods like: water birth, and midwifery