Mammography Services

Nurse stands at mammography station, smiling MCMC's Diagnostic Imaging Department offers advanced digital mammography services to detect early changes in breast health. With low-dose X-rays, our specially trained and experienced mammography technologists capture images that detect lumps, changes in tissue or calcifications too small to be found by physical exam.

MCMC radiologists read each mammogram and provide results to patients and referring physicians.

Mammography is designed to provide early detection of breast cancer and is an important part of routine healthcare. According to the American Cancer Society, yearly mammograms are recommended starting at age 40 and continuing for as long as a woman is in good health.

With two digital mammography units, we can assure you never have a long wait for an appointment.

If it is time to make an appointment for your mammogram, please call 541-298-4000.

For questions about the benefits of mammography, or about getting a free mammogram via the Breast Health for Strong Families Program, please call the breast navigator, Alida Raynor, LPN CN-BC, at (541) 506-6418 or email directly at

Contact Info

Mammographies can be scheduled at Diagnostic Imaging, located at the main hospital.

Mammography Lab
1700 East 19th St,
The Dalles, OR 97058

Ph: (541) 298-4000

Questions? Email our Breast Health Navigator, Alida Raynor

Digital Imaging

Digital mammography image

Digital mammography provides better images faster. The technology converts X-rays to electronic images of the breast, which can be viewed, optimized and stored on a computer. In a recent study, digital mammography was better than traditional film mammography in detecting breast cancer in women under 50 years of age.