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Third Annual Tradition of Compassion Philanthropy Awards

Published on 1/6/2009
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Nominations are now being accepted for the 3rd Annual Tradition of Compassion philanthropy awards presented by the Mid-Columbia Health Foundation. These awards seek to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations throughout the Mid-Columbia who demonstrate the art of giving and truly make a difference in our community.

      Nominations will be accepted in the following categories: Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist, Outstanding Community Service Organization, Outstanding Philanthropist, Outstanding Volunteer and Outstanding Youth Volunteer.  A panel of community members will select the award recipients. Awards will be presented at the Tradition of Compassion awards ceremony Thursday, March 5, 2009 at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center.

      To submit a nomination, download a nomination form by clicking here 2009 Tradition of Compassion nomination form or contact the Mid-Columbia Health Foundation, 541/296-7275 or mchf@mcmc.net. Nominations must be received no later than Thursday, January 29, 2009.

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