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New Physician Assistant Expands Access to Internal Medicine Care

Published on 12/31/2007
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Mid-Columbia Medical Group's aggressive efforts to recruit more primary care providers to the community continue to pay big dividends, with a new internal medicine physician assistant opening her practice this month.
     Michelle Grothe, PA-C, will join the office of internal medicine physician Thomas Hodge, M.D., where the two professionals will offer an increasingly popular team approach to patient care.
     Grothe's arrival brings the immediate benefit of providing another option for internal medicine care. In addition, her fiancé, an internal medicine physician now completing his training in Portland, will relocate to the Gorge in early summer and begin seeing patients, further expanding local access to internal medicine care.
     Grothe earned her master's of physician assistant studies from Oregon Health & Science University last August. The program included a year of classroom work and another 14 months of clinical rotations, which took Grothe to nine different primary and medical specialty clinics for intensive hands-on training.
     She also recently completed an additional 10-weeks of preceptorship training in a Prineville clinic.
     As a physician assistant Grothe is licensed to practice medicine with a physician's supervision. Her arrival in Dr. Hodge's busy practice, and their team approach to care, will enable the office to begin seeing more patients interested in establishing a relationship with providers who specialize in adult care.
     "I love the opportunities internal medicine affords providers to build relationships with patients," Grothe says. "I'm also excited to be able to participate in a team approach to care with a physician who is as respected as Dr. Hodge.
     "I want to get to know people and help them manage their chronic conditions and ultimately their health. I want people to feel comfortable coming to me with questions or concerns about their health and assisting them in feeling better."
     A graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a degree in child and family studies, Grothe says she fell in love with the northwest after making several trips to the area. That made applying to the OHSU physician assistant program "a natural choice," she says.
     "After completing the program I knew I had found both my career and my new home," she says.
     In her new setting, Grothe plans to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some of her favorite pastimes, which include rock climbing, mountain biking, running, hiking and skiing. She also is an accomplished cellist, and hopes that with her training behind her she can find some opportunities to play locally.
     To schedule an appointment with Michelle Grothe, please call 541-298-5515.

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