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Columbia River Women's Clinic Welcomes New Doctor

Published on 8/1/2009
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After a year long search, Columbia River Women's Clinic in The Dalles, Ore., has announced that a new physician is joining its ranks.Brian MacArthur, M.D., a graduate of Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, will fill the vacant position left when longtime The Dalles physician David Mack retired earlier this year. He specializes in obstetrics and gynecology.
MacArthur grew up in Colton, a small town outside Molalla, and from the beginning of his medical training he wanted to practice in a small community. He even drew up a list of small towns in Oregon near larger cities that would be ideal. The Dalles made the short list."I've always loved the Gorge," he said. "I like the climate and the terrain of Eastern Oregon, so I felt like The Dalles had all the things that I've enjoyed most in Oregon. It just seemed like a perfect location. It turned out that the people are great here, too."
After considering his medical training and high recommendations, his desire to work in a small town and small clinic made MacArthur stand out among many candidates, said Dr. James Faherty, medical director at the clinic."In a small community you can see your patients at the grocery store, at a ballgame, at a school," said Faherty. "That type of relationship is different and unique from working in a big city. Having an awareness of this is a requirement for Columbia River Women's Clinic. It's all about community and longevity."
MacArthur didn't follow a traditional path to his medical degree. Growing up in a single parent home, his family did not have insurance and couldn't afford doctor's visits. MacArthur didn't go to a dentist until he was a student at Pomona College in Claremont, Calif.
After earning a degree in linguistics, MacArthur moved back to Oregon. While working a post-graduation odd-job he contracted an ear infection and saw a doctor for the first time since infancy. Impressed and inspired by the wealth of knowledge the doctor possessed, MacArthur signed up for biology and chemistry classes at Portland State University within a month.
The importance his mother had in his life influenced him to study obstetrics and gynecology. "The role of the mom is so important that you're doing a service for the whole family," he said. He graduated from OHSU in June 2005 and completed his residency at Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix in June 2009. Faherty looks forward to working with the newly minted doctor. "You're getting someone who is young, smart, and energetic, recently trained," he said. MacArthur is happy to find himself in the position he envisioned all along. "I'm excited to be here," he said. "I'm impressed with the people and the geography and I want to become part of the community."

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