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MCMC Again Named Among Oregon's Best for Quality Measures

Published on 6/1/2008
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Mid-Columbia Medical Center's ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding the highest standards in patient care and safety has been recognized with two awards from an independent quality measurement agency.

Acumentra Health, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of healthcare, in May presented MCMC with two Achievement Awards through its Patient Safety Alliance.

The Patient Safety Alliance award program recognizes hospitals for achieving high standards of medical and surgical patient care, demonstrated by meeting measures of care established by the National Quality Foundation and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. These measures are based on research to identify care practices that improve patient outcomes and reduce potential harm.

MCMC was one of only four Oregon hospitals honored with an Outstanding Inpatient Medical Care Award.  This award recognized those hospitals in which nearly all patients with one of three common medical conditions, such as a heart attack, received medical attention that met all appropriate care measures for their condition

     In addition to the medical care award, MCMC was one of just two Oregon hospitals honored with an Inpatient Surgical Care Excellence Award, which was given only to hospitals in which nearly all patients undergoing surgery received attention that met three care measures related to use of antibiotics for prevention of post-surgical infections.

"As Oregon's Quality Improvement Organization for Medicare, Acumentra Health applauds Mid-Columbia for their commitment and their hard work in following through with real process change," said Ruth Medak, M.D., associate medical director for Acumentra Health. "They and their peers have generously shared their successes and pitfalls with each other, bringing opportunities for all hospitals to implement practices that lead to the best results for the patient."

MCMC's commitment to meeting these and other standards has helped create an environment that minimizes the chances patients will experience an unwanted side effect during their stay.  For example, as a result of the hospital's strict adherence to the established best practices in infection control, infection rates at MCMC are at the lowest end of the national average.

"We've always made a concerted effort to ensure our patients' safety and provide a high standard of care," said MCMC vice president Dianne Storby.  "But taking part in these programs gives us, and our patients, the opportunity to benefit from access to best practices and measure our performance compared with other hospitals.  No matter how well we're doing to control infections and assure quality, we're always looking for better ways of doing things."

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