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Primary Care Provider Returns to Columbia Hills Family Medicine

Published on 3/24/2008
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Physician assistant Shay Murphy, P.A.-C., has disproved the notion that you can't go home again, much to the delight of patients of Columbia Hills Family Medicine.

Murphy is returning to the family clinic she left in August 2006, and, to the extent possible, picking up where she left off. She had to leave The Dalles when her husband, Glen Patrizio, M.D, accepted a job directing a hospice in Salem.

Now that she has returned she looks forward to being able to see many of her former patients once again.

"I really missed my patients," Murphy says. "They had a piece of my heart and I couldn't stay away. I'm hopeful that I will be able to 're-adopt' many of them.

Murphy's husband is now working in palliative care at Providence in Portland and so her return to the area was motivated by the realization that she and her husband could move back to Hood River, and his commute to Portland would only increase by 10 minutes.

"We found our dream home, and now we're here to stay," Murphy says.

Since leaving The Dalles Murphy had been practicing in Woodburn, at Evergreen Family Medicine. She joined Columbia Hills Family Medicine in August 2003, a few months after earning her master of physician assistant science from St. Francis University in Loretto, Penn.

As a board-certified physician assistant, Murphy is able to provide a broad array of primary care services under the supervision of a physician. She brings to her patients experience in a range of areas, including well-baby and child check-ups, adolescent care, sports and department of transportation physicals, women's healthcare, biopsies, orthopedic exams and many other services.

"I am really passionate about preventive care," Murphy says. "My primary job is to keep people healthy. I am a real proponent for exercising and eating right."

Appointments with Shay Murphy, P.A.-C. can be made by calling Columbia Hills Family Medicine, 541-296-9151.

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