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Medical Group's Recruiting Success Continues with New Provider

Published on 7/23/2007
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     Mid-Columbia Medical Group's ongoing efforts to ensure area residents have access to high-quality primary care have resulted in the addition of yet another new healthcare provider to the community.
     Physician assistant Kathy Pickering, PA-C, has joined the Robert Alaimo, Jr., D.O. family medicine clinic at 1100 W. 6th Street, The Dalles.  As a physician assistant, Pickering is trained to perform a wide array of primary care medical services under the direction of a doctor. 
     The new provider's presence enables the clinic to begin accepting new patients immediately.
     "Kathy and I will work well together," says Dr. Alaimo. "We complement each other well; she is a good addition for our patients and this practice."
     A 1992 graduate of the Stanford University Primary Care Associate program, Pickering has since 1999 lived and practice in Kotzebue, Alaska, a remote village in the arctic northern region that makes The Dalles seem almost urban by comparison.
     She not only practiced family medicine at several remote clinics and in a hospital outpatient department, but also taught emergency, primary and preventive care skills to Alaska Native lay providers in 11 villages.
     "It was rewarding work, but I felt it was time to move closer to my family," Pickering says.
     Pickering has two sisters who live in Oregon, but that wasn't her only motivation for moving to the Mid-Columbia.
     "I chose to move here for a number of reasons," she says. "In addition to being near my sisters, my husband and I wanted to live near water and in close proximity to the outdoor activities we love. I also wanted to practice in a small office where I could provide very personalized care."
     Pickering says that she was drawn to MCMG and Mid-Columbia Medical Center (its parent hospital) by the long-standing commitment to integrate the powers of the mind and body in the healing process.
     "I want to practice where I can focus on health care rather than disease care," she says, "And I feel fully supported doing that here."
     Pickering is particularly interested in women's health and pediatrics; however, as a family practitioner she sees patients of all ages.
     Due to the growth of the practice, Alaimo and Pickering will be relocating in late July to a newly remodeled office at 1726 E. 12th St., The Dalles.
     "This will be a good move, not only for us but also for our patients," says Alaimo. "This new office will give us more room to grow."
     Patients interested in making an appointment with Robert Alaimo, Jr., D.O., or Kathy Pickering, PA-C, call 541/296-1155.

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