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Water's Edge Turns One

It’s hard to imagine what it was like before Water’s Edge came to be.
Published on 6/1/2011
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For Camille Weimar, a rancher from Dufur, Ore., life was painful. She could barely walk, let alone ride her horse—the thing she lived for. Yet after only four months at Water’s Edge, she’s living pain-free and without medication.

Like many other success stories at Water’s Edge, Weimar’s is one of transformation—a restoration of body, mind and spirit. As we celebrate the birth of Water’s Edge, we celebrate a return to health and vitality for many.

“In looking back on the year, the best part is seeing the people the facility was built for come in and use and enjoy it,” says Martina Rizzo, director of member services. “And hearing how it has improved their lives.”

More than 1,200 people have become members since the beautiful building opened its doors last June—a diverse group of individuals with goals as unique as they, from those in the cardiac rehabilitation program to athletes in Try-a-Tri, the 12-week triathlon clinic.

Under one earth-friendly roof, members have benefited from a high level of integrated medical, fitness, nutritional, mind-body and spa services in a welcoming and “green” environment.

The building itself was recently awarded a LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council for its environmentally-friendly design, construction and operation. Coming down the pike (or river) is an extension of The Dalles Riverfront Trail, making Water’s Edge a destination accessible to the community on bike or foot via a 10-mile path.

According to staff and members alike, Water’s Edge has exceeded expectations.

“Everything is above what was projected,” says Ann Stanley, PT, DPT, director of wellness and rehabilitation. “That’s how you know you’ve made an impact.”

As Water’s Edge grows, it plans to enhance its offerings and expand its reach into the community. Here are just a few highlights of things to come, followed by the rest of Weimar’s story.

Water’s Edge Health and Wellness Center

The fitness center will add more of its top-of-the-line Technogym cardio and strength-training equipment with SmartKey technology—a user-friendly personal memory tool that helps motivate members to keep moving. By inserting their own electronic key into the machines, clients can record workouts and track progress towards their goals without carrying around a bulky clipboard. Additionally, personal trainers can provide clients with a customized exercise routine to follow by simply storing the instructions on the SmartKey.

A third-floor expansion of the cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs will free up space on the first floor for the new equipment. New medical offices for specialties including cardiology, orthopedics and occupational health will also be housed on the third floor, along with the existing sleep center.

Also on the horizon is a new wellness coaching program spearheaded by Water’s Edge Fitness Manager and Wellness Coach Meghann Jenkins. The program will offer personal wellness coaching to members and eventually branch out to regional businesses to enhance the health of the workforce.

“People are looking for support for their goals,” Jenkins says. “The coaching program can help people stay on track and be accountable.”


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